Gardening membership at West Brunswick Community Garden
20-04-2024 – 19-04-2025
1 Year

Access to the large communal gardening space, use of all tools and materials at any time. We supply seeds and seedlings to plant although you are also welcome to bring some of your own. We also provide you with fertiliser, mulch, soil, compost and everything else needed to make the garden thrive and our more experienced members will be happy to help you develop your gardening skills.

All gardening members share the harvest of fresh fruit, veggies, flowers and herbs that come from our hard work. There's always plenty to go around!

Note: Members of the West Brunswick Community Garden automatically become members of our parent organisation, Moreland Community Gardening (MCG). This gives you a say in how the garden is run, the opportunity to become an organiser or board member, and a vote in the AGM. 

Payment options: After you have filled in your details, you will be asked to pay your membership by credit card. If you would prefer to pay by another method, send us an email at Let us know what kind of membership you would like and we will contact you.